In Their Own Words

Michael’s mentorship provided me with the support I needed to start my career. Before I met Michael, I had little direction about what I wanted to do with my degree. Michael helped me by giving me advice on making professional decisions and navigating the start of a successful career. He also gave me invaluable insights about the computer sector and professional world. Michael’s advice helped me get my first job in the computer industry. Overall, I am extremely grateful for Michael’s mentorship.


“I look at life in 4 quadrants – physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. As my mentor Michael supported me emotionally by helping keep my focus on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be, instead of dwelling on my current situation. He supported me intellectually by sharing openly what he knew about my area of interest and how I could go about finding that information myself. I believe you meet people when you are supposed to meet them. Within 3 months of meeting Michael, I got the job I wanted. He has helped me create small shifts that have led to exponential results. I feel a shift in self-confidence, and it must have reflected in my interviews as I proactively got offered a promotion with the new job that I didn’t ask for. He is very knowledgeable and even talking to him opens a world of possibilities. Above all, he has been my champion and believes that I can do things that I set my mind to.”


“Michael uses his own creative problem solving super power to inspire and empower creative problem solving in others. I reached out to Michael as I was looking to bridge a career path at the intersection of art and technology. In every conversation, he has graciously provided guidance and helped challenge my limiting beliefs on navigating the windy road of finding a fulfilling career. His advice is incredibly valuable and I am very grateful to have found a mentor in Michael!”


“When I first met Michael, I walked in with barely any expectations and simply shared my story and how lost I felt in my career. When he said he would help me figure out my next move, I was skeptical since I’ve had so many mentors who haven’t followed through on such promises. Yet, within a week of meeting him, Michael gave me renewed hope, connected me to the person who would save my career and followed up more quickly, compassionately and consciously than anyone I’ve met in the professional world. Having him as a career coach is an excellent decision!”


“With Michael’s help, I have a new perspective on how my career blends into my life, and leveraging a creative approach to boosting it.”


“I reached out to Michael after he graciously and enthusiastically offered his mentorship to guide me through some tough decisions in the first stage of my career. Having a personal conversation with a highly experienced and successful mentor like Michael helped me to ask myself the right questions and learn how to navigate my priorities when making big career decisions. His realistic yet aspirational advice was greatly appreciated during a period of much uncertainty.”


Michael gave a talk (via Zoom) to undergraduate students on his career path and design thinking. Here are their responses:

“This was incredible!”
“So Inspiring, thank you for sharing your story with us”
“Design thinking seems like such a tangible experience now, thank you for all that you shared!”
“Your work is beautiful, thank you for coming tonight”
“His passion was quite evident and made me excited for what is to come.”
“What a cool story, thank you Michael!”
“Fascinating, Michael was inspiring!”
“WOW! Thank you for coming to speak!”
“What a cool way to tie design, technology, and human centered thinking together”
“Thank you for coming Michael, this was one of the best sessions!”

Students at University of Washington Lavin Entrepreneurship Program
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